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Human XPNPEP2 ELISA Kit For Protein Quantification

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Product Details

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ProductNameHuman XPNPEP2 ELISA Kit
CustomsNameHuman XPNPEP2 ELISA Kit
Assay TypeSandwich ELISA
Suitable Sample Typeserum, plasma, cell culture supernates
Format96-well strip plate
Storage4℃ (unopened) standard stored at -20℃, others stored at 4℃ (opened)
Shipping Condition4℃
Sample Volume20 μl (prediluted)
Sensitivity0.54 pg/ml
Standard Curve Range15.63 - 1000 pg/ml
Spike Recovery Range-
Mean Spike Recovery-
CV of Intra plate1.3 % - 1.8 %
CV of Inter plate1.9 % - 3.9 %
Components96-well polystyrene microplate coated with a monoclonal antibody against XPNPEP2
Human XPNPEP2 Standard, lyophilized
XPNPEP2 Detect Antibody
Assay Buffer (10×)
Substrate (TMB)
Stop Solution
Washing Buffer (20×)
Plate Covers
DescribtionThis assay employs the quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique for the quantitative detection of human XPNPEP2. The Human XPNPEP2 ELISA is for research use only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
The membrane-bound X-prolyl aminopeptidase 2, also known as XPNPEP2, belongs to the peptidase M24B family, and has been reported to associate with Aminopeptidase P (APP) activity. The C-2399A variant in XPNPEP2 is associated with reduced APP activity and a higher incidence of AE-ACEi. APP is a hydrolase specific for N-terminal imido bonds, which are common to several collagen degradation products, neuropeptides, vasoactive peptides, and cytokines. A membrane-bound and soluble form of this enzyme (XPNPEP2) have been identified as products of two separate genes. The translocation disrupts XPNPEP2, which encodes an XaaPro aminopeptidase that hydrolyzes N-terminal Xaa-Pro bonds. XPNPEP2 mRNA was detected in fibroblasts that carry the translocation, suggesting that this gene at least partially escapes X inactivation. XPNPEP2 is a candidate gene for premature ovarian failure (POF).

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