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Mouse CCL4/MIP-1B Sandwich ELISA Kit

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Product Details

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ProductNameMouse CCL4/MIP-1β ELISA Kit
CustomsNameMouse CCL4/MIP-1β ELISA Kit
Assay TypeSandwich ELISA
Suitable Sample Typeserum, plasma, cell culture supernates
Format96-well strip plate
Storage4℃ (unopened) standard stored at -20℃, others stored at 4℃ (opened)
Shipping Condition4℃
Sample Volume20 μl
Sensitivity0.84 pg/ml
Standard Curve Range62.50 - 4000 pg/ml
Spike Recovery Range70 % - 106 %
Mean Spike Recovery0.88
CV of Intra plate4.4 % - 5.7 %
CV of Inter plate3.4 % - 4.8 %
Components96-well polystyrene microplate coated with a monoclonal antibody against CCL4
Mouse CCL4 Standard, lyophilized
CCL4 Detect Antibody
Standard Diluent
Assay Buffer (10×)
Substrate (TMB)
Stop Solution
washing Buffer (20×)
Plate Covers
DescribtionThis assay employs the quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique for the quantitative detection of mouse CCL4. The Mouse CCL4/MIP-1β ELISA is for research use only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
The chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 4 (CCL4), also known as Macrophage inflammatory protein 1β (MIP-1β), is a CC chemokine with specificity for CCR5 receptors. It is a chemoattractant for natural killer cells, monocytes and a variety of other immune cells. CCL4 expression can be induced in a variety of mouse cell types, including mast cells, endothelial cells, macrophages and CD8+ T cells. Mouse CCL4 cDNA encodes a 92 amino acid (aa) residue precursor protein with a 23 aa residue signal peptide that is cleaved to generate the 69 aa residue secreted mature protein. CCL4 is a major HIV-suppressive factor produced by CD8+ T cells. Chemokine activities are mediated by G-protein-coupled seven transmembrane domain receptors. These receptors, CCR1, 5, and 8 have been shown to mediate the biological activities of CCL4. CCL4 was reported to be twenty-fold less active than CCL3 on the same cell populations.
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