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Human Arginase 1/ARG1 ELISA Kit

Human Arginase 1/ARG1 ELISA Kit


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Human Arginase 1/ARG1 ELISA Kit

Factory Name MultiSciences
Product Code 70-EK1316-96
CatNum EK1316-96
Product Name Human Arginase 1/ARG1 ELISA Kit
Customs Name Human Arginase 1/ARG1 ELISA Kit
Product Spec 96T
SalePrice 3200
Type ELISA Kit
Application ELISA
Reactivity Human
Modality NoData
Assay Type Sandwich ELISA
Suitable Sample Type serum, plasma, cell culture supernates
Format 96-well strip plate
Storage 4℃ (unopened) standard stored at -20℃, others stored at 4℃ (opened)
Shipping Condition 4℃
Sensitivity 26.80 pg/ml
Standard Curve Range 0.78-50 ng/ml
Spike Recovery Range 75%-124%
Mean Spike Recovery 1.02
CV of Intra plate 2.6% - 4.8%
CV of Inter plate 3.4% - 4.6%

96-well polystyrene microplate (12 strips of 8 wells) coated with a monoclonal antibody against human ARG1

Human ARG1 Standard, lyophilized

ARG1 Detect Antibody

Standard Diluent


Assay Buffer (10×)

Substrate (TMB)

Stop Solution

Washing Buffer (20×)

Adhesive Films 


Arginase is a key element of the urea cycle involving the conversion of L-arginine to urea and L-ornithine, which is further metabolized into metabolites that drive collagen synthesis and bioenergetics pathways critical for cell proliferation. Arginine metabolism is a critical regulator of innate and adaptive immune responses, involved in an antimicrobial effector pathway carried out by polymorphonuclear granulocytes (PMN). During PMN apoptosis, arginine is depleted in the microenvironment leading to suppressed T cell and natural killer cell proliferation and cytokine secretion. Arginase 1 (ARG1) is a 35?40 kDa member of the arginase family of enzymes. It is expressed in multiple cell types, including erythrocytes, hepatocytes, neutrophils, smooth muscle and macrophages. Human AGR1 is 322 amino acids (aa) in length. Its enzyme region comprises aa 9?309 and contains two Mn atoms. ARG1 is moderately active as a monomer, but highly active as a 105 kDa homotrimer.