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    CCL27 Overview

    Chemokine ligand 27 (CCL27), also known as cutaneous T-cell captive chemokine (CTACK), is a small molecular weight cytokine in the CC chemokine family, and its gene is located on human chromosome 9.CCL27 is expressed in many tissues including the gonads, thymus, placenta and skin. In vitro studies have shown that IL-1β or TNF-α stimulates CCL27 overexpression, whereas glucagon-cortin inhibits its expression.CCL27 exerts its chemotactic effect by binding to the chemokine receptor CCR10, which is associated with the homing of memory T-lymphocytes into the skin, and plays a role in T-cell mediated inflammation in the skin. In healthy mice, lymphocytes are recruited at the site of CCL27 injection, whereas in a mouse model of contact hypersensitivity, injection of CCL27-neutralizing antibodies disrupts lymphocyte recruitment.

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