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    CCN2 Overview

    Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) is a cell matrix protein in the CNN family. The extracellular portion of CTGF consists of four conserved, cysteine rich domains: the insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP) domain, the vascular hemophilia C-type repeat (vWC) domain, the platelet reactive protein type 1 repeat (TSR) domain, and the cysteine containing C-terminal domain (CT). CTGF plays an important role in many biological processes, including cell adhesion, migration, proliferation, angiogenesis, bone development, and tissue wound repair. Monitoring the level of CTGF in serum can provide more detailed insights into some pathological conditions, such as malignant tumors, diabetes nephropathy, retinopathy, fibrosis, arthritis, pancreatic cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

    CCN2 Molecular Product List