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    FGF7 Overview

    Keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), also known as fibroblast growth factor 7 (FGF-7), is a growth factor in the epithelial stage of wound healing. In this stage, keratinocytes cover the wound and form epithelial cells. Fibroblasts, embryonic mesenchymal cells, and smooth muscle cells can express KGF. KGF is a small signaling molecule that requires the synthesis of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2b (FGFR2b) to generate signals. Research has shown that KGF is a paracrine effector of many different epithelial cell types. KGF not only induces cell proliferation, but also promotes epithelial cell differentiation. Cytokines such as IL-1 α And IL-1 β、 IL-6 not only activates local connective tissue cells, removes foreign objects, and reshapes tissues, but also stimulates the production of KGF in fibroblasts, promoting re epithelialization and wound healing.

    FGF7 Molecular Product List