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    LCN2 Overview

    Lipocalin-2, also known as neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipid transport protein (NGAL) or oncogene 24p3, is expressed in neutrophils and is low-expressed in epithelial cells of the kidney, prostate, respiratory and digestive tracts.Lipocalin-2 participates in innate immunity by chelating iron, which in turn may limit bacterial growth.Lipocalin-2 is a kidney injury biomarker and also serves as an early diagnostic for chronic kidney disease, contrast nephropathy and kidney transplantation. Within 2 hours of acute kidney injury (AKI), high levels of Lipocalin-2 are secreted into the blood and urine. The body’s level of Lipocalin-2 is proportional to the severity of AKI.

    LCN2 Molecular Product List